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UPS transit times from Copiague NY to you. (pronounced Co -paag)  US Time in Transit Map
Keep in mind, they are counting week days, Saturday and Sunday and holidays do not count. These are guaranteed by UPS to commercial addresses only, but it is pretty accurate for all deliveries.  
  • We ship by UPS to all US and Canada Addresses.
    (no post office shipping to Canada -Sorry, Canadian post office does not offer insurance - so we must use UPS (yes, we understand you pay extra brokerage fees)
  • International Orders - UPS only ! - due to customs regs and problems with insurance claims - we do not use Postal Service.
    - You pay all duty and freight and customs fees.
     If you have any specific instructions include them when you order - include your phone # and email ! and Fax or place order online - (int'l fax 631-225-5030) - if you have a broker include name/info with order.
Exactly when will my package be delivered?

UPS Ground packages are delivered to residential addresses Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., and to business addresses during their normal business hours Monday through Friday. UPS Ground packages cannot be scheduled to arrive at a specific time of day. UPS express shipments have guaranteed delivery times that vary by service. Track your package for an up-to-date status.
 (supply LI Corvette Supply with your email at time of order to receive package tracking number.)

Why wasn't my package delivered in three days, as indicated? "Three days" means three business days. Please note that the UPS Service Guarantee applies only to business days, and excludes weekends, holidays, and other events that may occur.

Q: Does UPS make any guarantees that their packages will be delivered on time?
A: UPS will maintain its money-back guarantees throughout the holiday on all air products despite the huge surge in volume. UPS Early A.M. and UPS Worldwide Express Plus services are guaranteed for on-schedule delivery as usual through the holiday season. Guarantees for other air and international shipments delivered within the United States will be extended by 90 minutes on the following days: Nov. 23 and Dec. 18 - 24 and Dec. 31. The guarantee does not apply to UPS Ground and UPS Standard to Canada packages picked up or scheduled for delivery between Dec. 11 and Dec. 24.  (subject to certain terms and conditions).  these dates for from 2009 . see UPS website for exact dates.

Q: Does UPS have any sort of contingency plans in case of bad weather or other circumstances that are out of UPS's control?
A: Flexibility in our operating plans is the key to maintaining the safety of our employees and assets, as well as providing reliable service to our customers. UPS has several tools that help plan for uncontrollable circumstances including the UPS Meteorology Department, advanced data collection, tracking and communication technologies, an intermodal system that keeps packages moving to their destinations during severe weather, and Alternate Operations Teams which track activities throughout the world that could cause service disruptions and then prepare or implement contingency plans.


go to www.UPS.com/maps    our zip is 11726  
ups ground -(Long Island  to Atlanta= 1 day, Chicago= 2 days, Kentucky=2 days, Michigan=2 days, Tennessee=2 days, Arkansas=3 days, Dallas/Fort Worth=3 days, Nebraska=3 day, New Orleans=3 days, Oklahoma= 3 days, Arizona= 4 days, Las Vegas=4 days, New Mexico=4 days, San Antonio=4 days)
(estimates provided by UPS March 2006)


you can reach UPS at http:/www.ups.com you can trace packages at their site. 
 (At the present time UPS offers free notification via email of tracking #,
             Please  give us your email when you place your order

US Time in Transit Map

we are in NYS - Long Island - Zipcode 11726      "days' = week days , UPS does not count weekends.



How To Measure the Cubic Size of Your Package  - - billable weight

Calculate the cubic size of your package by multiplying the height in inches or centimeters, by the length in inches or centimeters, by the width in inches or centimeters. Round each measurement to the nearest whole inch or centimeter. The resulting total is the cubic size of your package
.Cubic Size

  • For UPS Ground Shipments: If the cubic size of the package is 5,184 or larger, divide the cubic size by 194 to determine dimensional weight in pounds. If the cubic size is less than 5,184, use the actual weight of the package.
  • For UPS Air Shipments: Divide the cubic size by 194 to determine dimensional weight in pounds. Any fraction of a pound will be calculated at the next highest rate. 

Determine Billable Weight: Compare each package's actual weight to its dimensional weight. The larger of the two weights is the billable weight and should be used to calculate the rate.

If you have a multiple-package shipment, add the cubic sizes for all of the packages together. The total is the cubic size of your shipment.


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 (prices subject to change without notice - see online catalog for latest pricing)
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