The 63-67 N03 Collection: N03 collection (5 cars)

 N03 collectionN03 collection

N03 collection (5 cars)     for sale       -contact Scott directly

 We have NO arrangements with anyone acting as a broker to the cars.

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About the Collector:
Richard Cohen founder of LI Corvette Supply passed away in Jan 2017.
He has been retired for a few years and the business will continue on, but some of the cars will be sold.


Company Profile as seen in Vette Magazine pdf with photos   

Read About Richard and his N03 Collection      N03= option code for 36.5 Gallon Gas Tank  'big tank cars'

Read the magazine article about Richard and his 63-67 N03 (big tank) collection as featured in Corvette Fever Magazine (Sept 99 issue)

Unique Collection, Rare Collection Article  << ABOUT THE CARS <<

       March/April 1990 Corvette World Magazine, '1967 Tanker Toy'.    

note  >  Estate Sale <              (not being sold by LI Corvette Supply, Inc)   


The N03 Collection:  Option Code N03 36.5 Gallon Gas Tank   "aka BIG TANKS"   >

    63  Z06  N03 Coupe Red Exterior,  Red Interior   Fuel Injected, HD brakes, 4 Speed, radio delete  (1 OF 63 N03)
       2 Bar Knock Bar Off Wheels.   

   Bloomington Gold 1979      Chips Choice 1999 (@ Carlisle)
Cover of Corvette Fever (date?) and Corvette Fever 'Lost Corvettes' Sept 1999

  CLICK FOR MORE on the 1963>      $525K

  63red  63red

63redFIEngine1  reprowindowsticker63

photo credit: Bill Erdman


    64 N03 Coupe Black exterior, Red  Interior  N03  327/300HP Auto AC PS PB PW AM/FM KO Wheels
                                                              (1 OF 38 N03, 1 OF 2 AUTO AND A/C)

        NCRSTop Flight 1994 Florida     Chips Choice 1999 (@ Carlisle)

  CLICK FOR MORE on the 1964>   $250K        sale pending


65 N03 Coupe   Silver exterior, Black Interior    N03  396/425 HP 4 speed, PB AM/FM    (1 OF 41 NO3)

    NCRS Top Flight / Florida Jan 1999       

  CLICK FOR MORE on the 1965>   $375K  

photo credit: Bill Erdman 

  65 n03 65 396  Silver/ Black N03 big tank car

repro window sticker 65

 66 N03 Coupe  Silver Exterior,  Black Interior   N03  427/425 HP,

 4 speed,  radio delete, J56 HD Brakes, F41 HD suspension, Side Exhaust,  Knock off wheels,     (1 OF 66 N03)  
(ordered new for SCCA Racing)

 CLICK FOR MORE on the 1966>    the 66 is currently listed as part of Collection only.

NCRS Top Flight , Peoples Choice NE chapter Meet, CT  Oct 1988     Chips Choice 1999 (@ Carlisle)

66N03 Silver  66 rICHARD
photo credit: Bill Erdman

    67 N03 Coupe  White /Bright blue    N03    327/350hp  Air Cond PB PS PW AM/FM 4 SPD    (original tank sticker shows N03 option)  (1 OF 2)
 > Just shown by Invitation at Bloomington Gold's 'Gold Collection 2017'  <  

    CLICK FOR MORE on the 1967>     $650K

    NCRS Jan 89 (Cypress Gardens FL), Perf Ver  'PV' Oct 90 (Mystic CT), NCRS National Top Flight  VA July 1990
                   = Duntov Award 1990 Williamsburg VA

     & Chips Choice 1999 (@ Carlisle) (all 5 cars by special invitation)

photo credit: Bill Erdman






Company Profile as seen in Vette Magazine pdf with photos   


Big Tank Cars  RPO (regular production option) N03  36.5 gallon gas tank.

 In the Years 1963-1967, Chevrolet offered the option of a 36.5 gallon fuel tank. This was ordered as regular production option (R.P.O.) number N03 and was only available in coupes (it just would not fit in a convertible).
  1963 # built 63
  1964 # built 38
   1965 # built 41
  1966 # built 66
  1967  ONLY TWO


 We have NO arrangements with anyone acting as a broker to the cars.