1964 NO3 Corvette    part of collection  N03 collection (5 cars) -being prepped for upcoming sale

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 64 N03 Coupe Black exterior, Red  Interior  N03  327/300HP Auto AC PS PB PW AM/FM KO Wheels
                                                                              (1 OF 38 N03, 1 OF 2 AUTO AND A/C)

        NCRSTop Flight 1994 Florida     Chips Choice 1999 (@ Carlisle)  CLICK FOR MORE >


The N03 Collection:  Option Code N03 36.5 Gallon Gas Tank   "aka BIG TANKS'



   64 no3   64 N03 327 Air cond.

 64 n03  64 N03

 64 n03 1964 N03

64BigTank 36.5 Gallon Gas Tank 'Big Tank'

64 Tank1964Original Tank

64 Tank1964 Original Tank markings.